Whale Buys $1.48M Worth of SHIB: Crypto Market Shakes Up

• BlueWhales0073 purchased 131.4 billion Shiba Inu coins (valued at about $1.48 million).
• The market capitalization of all meme tokens decreased over the previous week due to a decline in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices.
• A new portal called “Join Shibarium” has been created to serve as a center for developers, entrepreneurs, and community members interested in participating in the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

BlueWhale Purchases 131 Billion SHIB

BlueWhales0073 amassed 131.4 billion Shiba Inu coins (worth approximatley $1.48 million) during a 24 hour period when the price of SHIB dropped by 10% over the course of a week. Its 24-hour trading volume fell by 55 percent, to $130.4 million and among the top 100 ETH holders, Shiba Inu has highest monetary worth of all tokens owned with a total of SHIB tokens worth 601 million dollars (11.94 percent of their overall assets). The dead wallet received around 31.5 million SHIB tokens.

Market Capitalization Decrease

The market capitalization of all meme tokens suffered serious damage as the prices of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) fell by almost 3 percent over the previous week yet crypto whales were quick to purchase the drop adding billions of Shiba Inu Coins to their holdings resulting in its entry into top 10 most-bought tokens list which tracks activity of largest cryptocurrency buyers over last 24 hours however its burn rate decreased by 4% during same period which further shows investors interest in meme token despite price fall across board

Shibarium Launch Excites Community

The launch of Shibarium excited community members as it serves as center for developers, entrepreneurs & community members who are interested in participating in Shiba Inu Ecosystem providing them access to layer-2 blockchain & application contact page so that they can take advantage from this project

Tether Denies Report Of Forged Documents

Tether denied report claiming it forged documents for gaining banking access which was widely circulated earlier but company spokesperson strongly denied these allegations saying that company does not need bank accounts directly nor indirectly since all funds used for operations are held securely with Tether Treasury on blockchain .

Crypto Crash Wave?

Apparently after Bitcoin crash , people started worried whether another wave is coming or not but analysts said that this is just temporary setback & there would be no long term effect on cryptos because market will eventually recover again although it may take some time so investors should think twice before selling their holdings