Unizen & THORChain Partner to Unlock Cross-Chain Swaps & Yield

• Unizen, operating the Web3 ecosystem found at zcx.com, has entered a strategic partnership with THORChain to enable swaps between ETH (Ethereum) and AVAX (Avalanche C-chain) to BTC (Bitcoin).
• The industry is slowly moving from centralized swap services to DeFi protocols, which is why Unizen selected THORChain as the obvious selection for empowering trades on its Trade platform.
• THORChain is a cross-chain liquidity protocol that facilitates the exchange of native digital assets on multiple blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Bitcoin Cash Litecoin, Dogecoin and Cosmos Hub.

Unizen and THORChain Partnership

Unizen has integrated the THORChain settlement layer to enable swaps between ETH (Ethereum) and AVAX (Avalanche C-chain) to BTC (Bitcoin) and vice versa. Martin Granström, CTO of Unizen stated that “THORChain has devised an exceptionally refined solution that has proven resilient against the trials of time and fluctuations in market conditions”. The team at Unizen selected THORChain due to its capabilities for enabling decentralized liquidity for assets on non-programmable chains.

Moving from Centralized Swaps Services

The industry is slowly moving from centralized swap services to DeFi protocols in order to bring a centralized exchange trading experience while maintaining security of self custody. Gavin McDermott CEO of Nine Realms believes that “Unizen already offers a best-in-class experience as a DEX aggregator”and is excited to help expand their cross-chain routes with native Bitcoin and more.

About Unizen

Unizen is an operating system for Web3 applications that enables users to seamlessly interact with all things Web3 while being cost efficient and secure. It solves complexities related to interoperability issues plaguing the DeFi space by providing a non-custodial unified user experience regardless of underlying blockchain technology used.

About THORCHain

THORCHain is a cross-chain liquidity protocol designed for exchanging native digital assets across multiple blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain Avalanche etc without using wrapped assets or external dependencies like oracles. It allows permissionless participation by validators who can add liquidity or make swaps without any restrictions being imposed upon them.


The partnership between Unizen and THORCHain demonstrates how both companies are working together towards making decentralized finance more accessible and reliable through their respective technologies while also allowing users more control over their funds when trading cryptocurrencies across different chains